Leeds Road Track – 27 Jul 19

Drizzle failed to dampen spirits at this morning’s tootle around the track. A special welcome to John, a new pilot introduced by Tariq. Great to have you with us – hope to see you again real soon.

Congratulations to Barney and Jules who narrowly beat Andrew and Aisha in our slow race and to David G and Elisa who were judged to have kept the straightest line in a separate challenge.

And finally, a special thank you to Barney who brought two toys for us to play with. His now famous (or infamous) double decker and his recumbent trike – allowing VI’s to cycle solo under close verbal guidance.

A thoroughly good time was had by all. Enjoy the pictures and video clip.

Barney and Jennifer travelling at speed on the infamous lean-green double decker machine
Charles and Jean about to set off
Reminiscent of the “Three Monkeys” Andrew, Martin and David laughing away whilst sheltering under a brolly
Click on the image to watch Barney and Jules rolling away on the double-decker

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