Fairburn – 20 Jul 19

Granted. The gradients on the Fairburn Loop aren’t quite those of today’s Tour de France tortuous Col du Tourmalet ascent; the most challenging climbs being over a couple of canal bridges. And nine tandems (plus Elaine on a solo) mightn’t be considered a Peloton. But who needs to travel to the Pyrenees to experience the joys of cycling. A very enjoyable ride with a lovely mix of veteran Trekkers and newcomers to our family.

A smiling Steve C and Steve D giving a hearty thumbs up ….
Who needs a motor ? Chris V pedalling hard and Andy, feet off the pedals and in the air, enjoying the ride.
Danny and Mostafa powering away on our Silver Dawes workhorse.
David and Dean tandeming in sync and in style.
Jean waving to the camera with David G in control
Barney and Jules starting their take-off roll ….
Andrew and Carlie laughing as they ride ….
Simon and Aisha riding like true professionals.
Meanwhile, back at the café …..
…..post-ride brews and food ….

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