Spen Valley Greenway – 24 Jul 21

One of the advantages of our local Greenway is the distance flexibility it provides. Four tandems sped off to complete the whole route up to Low Moor. That left three tandems and two solos to indulge in a leisurely coffee and accompanying bacon or flapjack item of sustenance. Surprisingly, Drew was one of the pilots who elected to rest at the cafe – but then again he had already solo-cycled his tandem down from Bradford.

And it’s not often we’re thankful for cloudy skies, but after the nigh on 30 degree days of the last week, today’s overcast weather was more than welcome.

Charles making sure Michelle’s saddle is at a suitable height
….. and that’s a ditto from Keith helping Elisa
Colin and Chris sized up and ready to roll
June and human dynamo Muz at storage
Barney anxiously awaits a coffee to go with his currant slice (…. or flea pie as he so appetisingly described it)

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