Around Clitheroe – 17 Jul 21

It was hot; and compared with other Trekker’s rides it was hilly. But it was also a superb day, cycling through some of the prettiest Ribble Valley villages Lancashire is blessed with. Numbers wise, 15 Trekkers, 20 miles, 1200 ft ascent and 28 degrees. And it would have been 21 Trekkers, but the vehicle gremlins paid an unauthorised visit to Drew’s car necessitating some late logistical changes. But if there’s one thing Brittany excels at it’s last minute logistical updates.

Most impressive was how everyone rode – especially mastering Grindleton bank. No mean feet in baking heat. And wow – our newer 2021 pilots June, Judith and Colin were all fantastic.

Lunch was more of a picnic than a cafe stop. Big shout out to Rumbletums of Clitheroe who came in specially on their normal day off to serve up some truly spectacular sandwiches. They were ace !!!!!!

And finally nice to have Simon ride with us again; and last but not least special thanks to Joolz for looking after Guide Dog, Tessa.

Lunch at Chatburn – Take 01. Group shot with everyone taking refuge under the shade of a large tree
Lunch at Chatburn- Take 02. Judith and Aisha laughing
Lunch at Chatburn – Take 03. John T and Ahmed sitting and smiling- with James otherwise engrossed

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