Fairburn – 31 Jul 21

Make no mistake. A Trekker’s ride without a cafe stop is no ride at all. And the camaraderie and ambiance that under pinned our return to Birkin Fisheries bears testimony to just how much today’s 19 riders enjoyed another delightful day, cruising around the flatlands close to Fairburn. Long may such rides continue.

And whilst most of us arrived by car, clearly the challenge posed by the 20 mile circular route failed to match everyone’s aspirations. For reasons best known to themselves, Charles and Keith decided to add another 60 or more miles to their Strava totals by cycling out and back on their solos.

Finally, whilst one post-ride bacon buttie would satisfy most appetites, Judith confessed to having devoured three sandwiches. How come she is so perfectly petite?

All lined up and ready for the chequered flag to drop
Mustafa enjoying a post ride rest
Methinks Trekkers have taken over the cafe
Peter and James deep in conversation
Joanne and Michelle. I think Joanne was telling Michelle how Richard and Steve were beaten hands down on the race back by herself and Keith
“Shall I go for a fourth sarnie?” mulls Judith, as Muz and Ahmed enjoy their own refreshments

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