Spen Valley Greenway – 13 April 19

All 8 bikes lined up
Not sure what everyone is smiling about. I think it might have been something to do with the whiteness of Tariq’s teeth – or was it that Keith had just promised not to sing on the way home?
Barney, Dean, Jean Charles K, Drew, Ahmed and Charles W queuing patiently for their brews and flapjack
Drew proudly holding up his Coffee Counter Loyalty Card. He’s ridden the Greenway so many times he’s worn a groove in the surface
Tariq, Elisa, Keith, Chris Muz and Stephen enjoying mid-ride refreshments.
Well done to everyone on our 8 bike trek up the Greenway today. And special appreciation to Stephen and Charles W. on Tandem Trekking one of our favourite rides for the first time. You were ace.

A pilot mix up over numbers could so easily have dented today’s ride, until Martin so gallantly offered to step down as a stoker so that 17 Trekkers could complete the 17 mile round trip up our local greenway. Thanks Martin. We love you !!

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