Penistone – 21 Aug 21

Despite the ride being punctuated by a couple of punctures, the forecasted rain failed to make an appearance meaning the eleven tandems and a solo were able to enjoy yet another superb ride on this very popular traffic free route.

Encouraging to see Tim and John stepping up to the plate and answering our plea for enough pilots to ensure we just managed to cater for every stoker.

Kudos to John and Chris who did the whole 22 miles and to Judith who decided to solo cycle back to base.

And thanks to our stalwart pilots and stokers who made the day so enjoyable.

Captain Drew, and newly inducted Anis, about to depart. Next stop = Dunford Bridge.
Kathryn and Collette about to remount after the pinch points.
Charles and Louise. With Louise as stoker, pedalling by the pilot is not required.
Puncture 01 being repaired. John T in action. Drew supplying the tools. Jules and Anis giving moral support.
Puncture 02 being repaired. Keith, on-hand to assist. Jules and Elisa explaining what needs to be done. Yes – it was the same bike, same tyre. And yes, a thorough check was made before reseating the rubber. Just plain coincidence.
James and Jade. A rare photo as James is actually looking at the camera.
Cafe shot 01. Jules, Jade, Charles, Chris and John T.
Cafe shot 02. Ahmed, Muz, Richard and Tim. All listening to Liverpool vs Burnley. Not the best of results as Liverpool won 2-0. Sorry Peter!

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