Leeds Road Track – 24 Aug 19

Excellent weather underpinned another fabulous track session. Great to welcome a new pilot, Essam, a friend of Mostafa. Hope to see you again real soon.

And congratulations to the winners of our various communication and handling exercises. Barney and Aisha on the standard straight line challenge, Barney and Tariq and Keith and Elisa tying for first place on the stoker only version of the same event and then Keith and Elisa again on the stoker only version of a traditional slow race. I think I can see a pattern emerging here…..

Keith and Elisa riding to victory on the stoker power only slow race
… on-lookers marvelling at Keith and Elisa’s bike handling skills. Andrew and Jean beginning to realise that their hereto lead is about to be snatched from them.
Charles and Mostafa attempting to break the sound barrier. They almost succeeded!
Barney and Drew discussing elliptical off-sets on timing chains (or something of equal importance!)
Keith and Tariq doing what Keith and Tariq do best. Having a laugh!

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