Leeds Road Track – 07 Mar 20

After three wet and windswept months, it was absolutely brilliant to be back in the saddle once again. And what a way to start the season. 12 Pilots and 12 Stokers, together with 3 Visitors , enjoyed a great session at our Leeds Road base.

A very special welcome to Pilot Michael and Stokers Silver, Sophie, Matthew and Michelle who joined us for the first time. You were all magnificent and we hope to see lots more of you as 2020 progresses.

Andrew C. and Michelle astride the latest addition to our fleet.

And today’s icing on the cake was the maiden outing of the latest addition to our fleet: A Silver Viking kindly donated by the Dave Rayner Trust. It’s a brilliant bike as was demonstrated today by the numbers of Trekkers, itching to give it a go. So, Paul C., if you’re reading this, please do pass on our most grateful thanks to everyone at the Trust for their generosity.

New Pilot Michael C. and son Stan
David J and Catherine also giving the recently donated Silver Viking a run for its money.
New Stoker Silver and Old Pilot Keith with one of our Orbits.
“I’ve missed you!” Haj and Diane catching up with each other.
Peter and Ahmed resting between laps.
Ali deep in conversation.
Apparently, Joanne, Matthew and Michelle have known each other since school days.
And last, but not least, Dez, Charles and David G, aka the 3 Monkeys, pose for the camera.

2 thoughts on “Leeds Road Track – 07 Mar 20”

  1. I am very grateful to the organisers of today’s event . I will tell the story in Uganda. I do pray that a way of ‘taking’ a similar event to Soroti, could be found. It unites bikers forever.

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