Leeds Road Track – 05 Oct 19

“Right Jean. We need to pedal slower than a snail with lumbago!” I don’t know who writes Andrew D’s lines, but his instructions in this morning’s slow race were legendary.

But despite a sterling effort, Team Snail were beaten into third place. Gold went to David G and new stoker David W and Silver to David T and Richard D, visiting us from Open Country.

Indeed, full credit must go to everyone who took part in the two Slow Race Challenges. Probably the best performance ever.

And despite being a stoker depleted session, it was still marvellous to welcome Joe, Sylvia, Carla, Dave and Richard as newcomers

Slow race Gold Medallists, David G and Dave W. Superb performance, especially as it was Dave W’s first session and they were up against some stiff competition.
Dave T and Richard from Open Country. Despite some very skilful riding, they were pipped into second place.

And finally, though I didn’t get a picture, a special award to James B from Open Country. I watched James balance and remain stationary as a solo rider on a tandem. Now, that’s what I call skill !!!!!

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