Leeds Road Track – 03 Jul 21

It rained. And it rained. We got wet. And we got very wet. And then we asked why are we getting so wet. And someone said it was possibly because it was raining. And then we decided that to stop getting even wetter, one of two things was going to have to happen. It would either have to stop raining or we would have to end the session early and go home and drink some hot tea. It didn’t stop raining. So we ended the session early. We went home and we drank hot tea. (Though I think Brittany said she was going to have some hot chocolate instead.)

Despite a rain-enforced shortened session, it was superb to be joined by new pilot Judith and new stokers Celia and Lucy. It was also lovely to see Diarmuid and Elisa back with us. We’ve missed you.

Peter and Elisa
James and Barney
A yellow masked Brittany and Honey sporting her matching yellow raincoat
Stephen and Diarmuid
Diarmuid and Chris

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