Leeds Road Track – 02 March 19

What an amazing start to our 2019 season !

A record breaking 26 Trekkers, (12 Pilots and 14 Stokers) enjoyed a superb session with several new faces. Indeed, a very special welcome to Ahmed, Akbar, Hajra, Ian, Jean, Kaukub and Nicola on your maiden Tandem Trip. Lovely to meet you all and we hope to see you again real soon.

And attendance wasn’t the only record broken! Under the very close supervision of Barney, several Stokers had a go at cycling solo! It can be done. But you really need a trike (and a recumbent one helps too!)

Posted pictures show the everyone posing for a group shot and a few images of folk engaged in off-track communication. Enjoy!

25 Trekkers and 3 Guide Dogs clustered around the bench at Leeds Road Track
25 Trekkers and 3 Guide Dogs. Paul took the picture so doesn’t count!
deep in conversation with Damian and Diane
Jennifer with Damian and Diane
Barney watching Hilary on his recumbent trike
Hilary trying Barney’s recumbent trike
Carlie on recumbent trike - her hands are behind her head. She's smiling and looks very relaxed
No handlebars – no problem
Toseef's dog Poppy looking at Toseef. If she could talk she'd be asking "Why can't I have a go?"
Does that Tandem make me redundant?
Nicola with a lovely smile piloting Jean. First time for both ladies who both rode brilliantly.
New Pilot Nicola with new Stoker Jean. Riding like true professionals ….

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