Thank you – Thank you – Thank you – Thank you !!

1st April 2021

Four Orbit Velocity Tandems about to be collected from J D Tandems at Gargrave.
Left to Right: Jamie from JD, Trekkers Chair Brittany Stead and Trustee Paul Stark.
Completing the picture, Brittany’s Guide Dog, Honey.

Four, ever so richly deserved Thank You’s, to two extremely generous sponsors are most certainly in order today.

A fantastic award from British Cycling combined with a superb gift from West Riding Masonic Charities Ltd, has enabled us to add four brand new Orbit Tandems to our fleet.

Collected earlier today from J D Tandems in Gargrave, the timing couldn’t have been better. Our first post Lockdown 2 ride has just taken place, and with restrictions now set to ease further, there can be little doubt that these bikes will be made very good use of.

So, on behalf of everyone at Tandem Trekkers, if you are reading this and are connected in anyway with either of the two above-mentioned organisations, please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your donations.  Such generosity goes a long way in enriching the lives of many members of our community who battle daily with visual impairment.

Thank you – Thank you – Thank you -Thank you !!

7 thoughts on “Thank you – Thank you – Thank you – Thank you !!”

  1. These bikes will make life much easier for our maintenance volunteers and provide accessibility to a wider range of riders large and small. Hurrah to our generous sponsors. We may soon need bigger storage and another trailer!

  2. I am struggling to find the words to say just how wonderful a gesture of kindness these donated
    Bikes they are and much appreciated addition to the Tandem Trekkers fleet
    I am a visually impaired Stoker and get a great deal of pleasure out of our rides out and thanks to your kind gifts it will enable more people to get out on the road to😆

  3. As the tallest stoker in our Club I am delighted that we have some new tandems a very big thank you for the very generous donations that have made this possible
    Really looking forward to our next ride with a bit more knee room

  4. Thank you for your generous donation, looking forward to our next ride and an opportunity to try one of these new tandems

  5. thank you very much to the generous sponsors! i was out riding last saturday, and can’t wait to go out on more rides

  6. Great news and just what we need as hopefully as we come out of lock down. We really can ride with a smile on our faces as we try them out. Wonderful to have the generosity of our sponsors. Thanks indeed!

  7. We just need some more volunteers to captain our bikes! Please get in touch if you fancy riding with us.

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