Leeds Road Track – 04 May 19

Boosted by 5 new volunteer pilots, stokers found themselves narrowly in the minority at this morning’s track session. Indeed, a very special welcome to David, John, Peter, Simon and Steve. Guys, you were all absolutely brilliant and we sincerely hope to see more of you on future rides. Thanks ever so much for joining us today.

Also making a debut on this blustery morning, two new pieces of kit. A brand new Orbit Tandem which several Trekkers collected yesterday (and managed to combine the pick up with a Dales ride – it would have been very rude not too!) And a new Walkie Talkie system which will enable front and back riders to keep in touch on future non-track rides. Both purchases made possible thanks to the generosity of the People’s Health Trust using money raised through The Health Lottery in Yorkshire and Humber.

Pilot John H. and Ahmed getting on a new Tandem
Pilot John H. about to take Ahmed out for a maiden spin on our brand new Orbit Tandem
Keith and Steve C. finding something to smile about
“That’s a funny looking tandem!” Charles, David and Drew pensively looking at Barney’s recumbent trike.
Diarmuid, Keith, Brittany and Paul collecting the latest addition to our growing fleet of new Orbit’s. Not pictured is the £3000 bike Keith and Brittany rode – the wet weather putting a dampener on borrowing the earmarked £9000 bike !! Next time?

One thought on “Leeds Road Track – 04 May 19”

  1. Absolute pleasure and my starts got less wobbly after a while! Thanks Keith for taking me round as a stoker with my eyes shut to appreciate what it’s like being visually impaired

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