COVID – 19

COVID -19   : UPDATE (MAY 2021)

We’re back on track. Literally.

After far too many frustrating months, we’re now finally in a position to welcome new pilots and stokers. From Saturday 8th May, our monthly meetings at Leeds Road Sports Complex, recommence. It’s where we run our inductions for new members in a safe, off-road, traffic-free environment. Under the watchful eye of one of our experienced coaches, we’ll take you through what it’s like riding a bicycle made for two, as either a sighted front-rider or visually impaired rear-seated stoker.

And, once you’re comfortable in ambling around our home circuit, we’ll welcome you to join us on something a little different. Be that going up our local greenway, drifting down one of Derbyshire’s disused railways, meandering along a quiet Yorkshire country lane or whizzing around a velodrome, we do offer a variety of different rides to suit all tastes. It’s what we do on the other three or four Saturdays each month.

If you are interested in an up-to-the-minute update, then an email to or, better still, a phone call to Brittany on 07949 131427 or Paul on 07774 213372 will let you know exactly what is happening, when it’s taking place, and what our forward plans are.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We really would love to hear from you!