Brownlee Track – 23 Oct 21

We really ought to be lobbying our local council.

Calderdale benefits from the Brooksbank circuit; Wakefield enjoys BCKAT; and Leeds is home to the fantastic Brownlee track. All three are widely used. Alas, all Kirklees has to offer are circular running tracks.

If only our own track sessions could take place on a purpose built cycling track, and Trekkers could get the same satisfaction that the six tandems derived from this morning’s session at the Brownlee circuit. And to have access to such a resource without having to load our trailers and drive. Bliss.

Here’s hoping.

Today’s participants lined up across the track (Minus Barney and guide dog Tessa)
Barney and Tessa (just so they don’t miss out)
Father and daughter Stephen and Sophie pose by their recently acquired Orbit
Judith and Elisa
Barney leads new stoker Josh through induction
Keith and Jules about to demonstrate that our Large Pilot – Medium Stoker sized bike comes in handy

Fairburn – 16 Oct 21

“Let’s speed things up a bit” and “We need to make this superb ride longer”. Taken together, these two comments really sum up another delightful day, navigating the quiet country lanes around the flatlands of Yorkshire. Seven tandems, camaraderie by the bucket load and lots of laughter all conspired together to make this a fabulouastic ride.

Tim and Jules prepping their bike
Colin assuring Diana he knows how to count
Brittany looking miffed that she’s not allowed to pilot
Charles assuring Ali he doesn’t need stabilisers any more
Richard and Martin sized up and ready to start
Post ride banter
Stephen, Aisha and Elisa awaiting their food
Keith and Ali

Spen Valley Special – 09 Oct 21

Today’s Spen Valley ride was different. Very different. And that’s because the 13 tandems and solo were joined by Journalist Lisa and Cameraman Simon from ITV. Having seen the UK Cycling article that Judith recently wrote, they asked if they might come and film Trekkers. Well, we didn’t need asking twice. And having already seen some of the footage and witnessed Jules, Judith, Martin and Keith being interviewed, (not to mention Guide Dog Tessa), I’m confident the actual broadcast will be nothing short of mega-brilliant. So, providing nothing bumps our screening, please tune into ITV Calendar on Monday evening to see Trekkers on TV.

And now for something completely different. Judith doing her very own version of a pilot recruitment drive. Enjoy.
ITV Cameraman Simon filming John and Jules
Judith being interviewed by Lisa Adlam from ITV
Great Group shot
Getting ready to film another segment
David and Martin

Track and Spen Valley GW – 02 Oct 21

Trekker’s Track and Trail.

Today we welcomed two new stokers and one new pilot to Trekkers. Welcome Diana and Colin to Stoke and Louise to Captain. As part of our new policy adopted for this day forwards a track induction was followed by a ride down the Greenway. Both stokers more than happy to carry on, and new pilot Louise rode solo as we didn’t have a spare stoker but she’s raring to go now!

The ride to the Flowerpot and back went swimmingly with the rain at least waiting until we were there before starting so we only got wet on the return trip.

We even passed another tandem on the way back!

Reminder that next week we will be attended by a film crew so please come looking at your stunning best!!


Track picture 01 – Drew and new stoker Colin
Track Picture 02 – New pilot Louise and Judith
Track Picture 03 – Judith and new stoker Diana
Cafe Picture 01 – Everyone seated and smiling except photographer Drew who took the photo
Cafe Picture 02 – Charles, Colin, Barney, John T, Diana and Michelle