Fairburn – 31 Jul 21

Make no mistake. A Trekker’s ride without a cafe stop is no ride at all. And the camaraderie and ambiance that under pinned our return to Birkin Fisheries bears testimony to just how much today’s 19 riders enjoyed another delightful day, cruising around the flatlands close to Fairburn. Long may such rides continue.

And whilst most of us arrived by car, clearly the challenge posed by the 20 mile circular route failed to match everyone’s aspirations. For reasons best known to themselves, Charles and Keith decided to add another 60 or more miles to their Strava totals by cycling out and back on their solos.

Finally, whilst one post-ride bacon buttie would satisfy most appetites, Judith confessed to having devoured three sandwiches. How come she is so perfectly petite?

All lined up and ready for the chequered flag to drop
Mustafa enjoying a post ride rest
Methinks Trekkers have taken over the cafe
Peter and James deep in conversation
Joanne and Michelle. I think Joanne was telling Michelle how Richard and Steve were beaten hands down on the race back by herself and Keith
“Shall I go for a fourth sarnie?” mulls Judith, as Muz and Ahmed enjoy their own refreshments

Spen Valley Greenway – 24 Jul 21

One of the advantages of our local Greenway is the distance flexibility it provides. Four tandems sped off to complete the whole route up to Low Moor. That left three tandems and two solos to indulge in a leisurely coffee and accompanying bacon or flapjack item of sustenance. Surprisingly, Drew was one of the pilots who elected to rest at the cafe – but then again he had already solo-cycled his tandem down from Bradford.

And it’s not often we’re thankful for cloudy skies, but after the nigh on 30 degree days of the last week, today’s overcast weather was more than welcome.

Charles making sure Michelle’s saddle is at a suitable height
….. and that’s a ditto from Keith helping Elisa
Colin and Chris sized up and ready to roll
June and human dynamo Muz at storage
Barney anxiously awaits a coffee to go with his currant slice (…. or flea pie as he so appetisingly described it)

Around Clitheroe – 17 Jul 21

It was hot; and compared with other Trekker’s rides it was hilly. But it was also a superb day, cycling through some of the prettiest Ribble Valley villages Lancashire is blessed with. Numbers wise, 15 Trekkers, 20 miles, 1200 ft ascent and 28 degrees. And it would have been 21 Trekkers, but the vehicle gremlins paid an unauthorised visit to Drew’s car necessitating some late logistical changes. But if there’s one thing Brittany excels at it’s last minute logistical updates.

Most impressive was how everyone rode – especially mastering Grindleton bank. No mean feet in baking heat. And wow – our newer 2021 pilots June, Judith and Colin were all fantastic.

Lunch was more of a picnic than a cafe stop. Big shout out to Rumbletums of Clitheroe who came in specially on their normal day off to serve up some truly spectacular sandwiches. They were ace !!!!!!

And finally nice to have Simon ride with us again; and last but not least special thanks to Joolz for looking after Guide Dog, Tessa.

Lunch at Chatburn – Take 01. Group shot with everyone taking refuge under the shade of a large tree
Lunch at Chatburn- Take 02. Judith and Aisha laughing
Lunch at Chatburn – Take 03. John T and Ahmed sitting and smiling- with James otherwise engrossed

Spen Valley Greenway – 10 Jul 21

Today’s ride started for me at 7.50 as I left home to ride to the lockup in fog. Forgot lockup keys but fortunately remembered before I got out of the drive. Arrived at lockup, opened door and there was a tremendous downpour as I got the tandems out. Luckily it stopped before anyone else had arrived. In due course all were present and correct and with newbie pilot Judith raring to go we made our usual way to the Flowerpot cafe where me and Collette and James and Martin opted to stop whilst the remaining teams rode to the top and back. This was a very sensible decision as there was another downpour whilst we sat dry in the shelter at the café. Eventually all returned from the top and in due course fed and watered we made our way back to lockup. Sorry no pictures today but it was a great ride with no issues and the newbie did well (chapeau Judith). Another splendid Trekkers day.

One more thing to note, I have just now created a Tandem Trekkers Club on Strava (no idea why we’ve never done it before) and already it is massively over-subscribed with a lengthy waiting list….😁. As I made it using my phone it’s a bit bare right now but I’ll tart it up later! Anyway, this is Drew signing off and hoping to see you all again next week. 

Leeds Road Track – 03 Jul 21

It rained. And it rained. We got wet. And we got very wet. And then we asked why are we getting so wet. And someone said it was possibly because it was raining. And then we decided that to stop getting even wetter, one of two things was going to have to happen. It would either have to stop raining or we would have to end the session early and go home and drink some hot tea. It didn’t stop raining. So we ended the session early. We went home and we drank hot tea. (Though I think Brittany said she was going to have some hot chocolate instead.)

Despite a rain-enforced shortened session, it was superb to be joined by new pilot Judith and new stokers Celia and Lucy. It was also lovely to see Diarmuid and Elisa back with us. We’ve missed you.

Peter and Elisa
James and Barney
A yellow masked Brittany and Honey sporting her matching yellow raincoat
Stephen and Diarmuid
Diarmuid and Chris