Fairburn – 19 Jun 21

Undeterred by the Tesco van driver’s assurances that even bikes wouldn’t be able to get through the “Road Ahead Closed” blockage, seven tandems rode on. Whether it was stubbornness, curiosity or simply rising to the challenge, Drew had rightly worked out that if the road was open to pedestrians it wouldn’t pose a hindrance to cyclists. The problem was, there was nothing to suggest foot traffic could get past the sink hole on one side and the rain filled gully on the other. But it wasn’t within Trekkers remit to give up and go back. And we didn’t.

It was yet another superb Saturday sauntering around Fairburn’s quiet lanes – all capped off with the customary cafe stop back at Birkin Fisheries.

And fantastic to be joined by Richard on his maiden away from base ride. L-plates decidedly not required, Richard.

Richard and Martin bump elbows
John T leads Jules around the obstacles
And Richard ensuring Tariq gets through safely
Post road closure group shot
Post ride bacon butties never tasted this good
Charles explaining to Keith he’s considering becoming a vegetarian. The conversation has an interesting ending which defies being committed to print

Spen Valley Greenway – 12 June 21

Only a shortage of pilots restricted today’s trek to just seven bikes and a solo. So if you’re one of our regular front-riders – you were missed. But for those fortunate enough to be part of this morning’s meander, you won’t need reminding of what a great time was had by all. Rumour has it, next week’s outing will be a little different. Watch this space.

All the photos in today’s post were taken at the cafe stop.

A smiling Peter and Ahmed renewing acquaintances after Covid enforced curbs.
Keith and Mustafa complete with coffees.
Sean and Collette deep in a group discussion about cadence.
Colin, Drew and Chris V waiting patiently for their brews.
James and Aisha astride their Orbit.

Spen Valley Greenway – 05 June 21

Brilliant sunshine saw 8 tandems, a recumbent and a solo sauntering up the Greenway this morning. Lovely to see Colin and Collette on their maiden “away from track” outing and great to welcome back Mostafa .

With almost matching attire, winners once again of the tallest tandem pair, Messers Draycott and Sandiford
Ride Leader Barney with Chris V in Lower Hopton
A trio of Orbit tandems
Drew and Ahmed
The compulsory cafe stop
James about to discover the joys of riding an e-powered recumbent