Spen Valley Greenway – 01 May 21

It was a cold and windy start this morning but once the pedals started turning we all soon warmed up. 10 Tandems and our super soloist, David conquered the Greenway in true Trekkers style. Some Trekkers even made a little friend, we called him Robin! And… thank you to our dog sitters, Ann and Robert who will certainly get a good nights sleep after chasing 3 dogs all morning.

Six abreast. Why keep to riding in pairs when the road’s wide enough for more? Brittany is missing her pilot.
An unbelievable picture. A smiling Keith.
Double Trouble. Dave T and Martin.
Beauty and The Beast. Jules and John T.
Sorry Jennifer. It’s not quite “Wine o’clock”. You’ll have to make do with water a little while longer.
Robin !

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