Leeds Road Track – 29 May 21

Our first track session in over a year. Nice to be out in some warm sunshine – and great to welcome new pilots, Colin, Richard and Kath. Hope to see lots more of you throughout the season.

Keith working through induction procedures with Kath
David J on Barney’s recumbent trike
Charles K and Ahmed in deep conversation
Chilling at the track- Leanne, Collette, Barney and daughter Izzy. And, of course, not forgetting Dixie the guide dog

Spen Valley Greenway – 22 May 21

I spoke too soon! Last week’s ride benefited from more Pilots than Stokers. Alas, today’s outing saw a return to the more normal state of affairs. We were, sadly, unable to offer places to every Stoker. Hopefully, a situation we’ll remedy as we aim to welcome new front-riders in the next month or two.

All that said, for the Magnificent Seven tandems that ventured out – ably shepherded across the junctions by solo rider David J, it was, apart from the odd spot of rain, a very enjoyable morning.

Martin and Drew

Aisha and John T

Jennifer and Jade
David J, Jules and James
David T and Chris F
Michelle, Sophie and Stephen
…. and last, but certainly not least, Michelle

Penistone – 15 May 21

It doesn’t happen very often. But when it does, it’s a bonus. And today was one of those rare occasions when pilots outnumbered stokers. That meant a solo ride for Paul and a lie in for Drew.

So 12 tandems and a solo on our most popular away from base ride. Penistone. And thankfully the rain held off until we were all back at Julie’s cafe tucking into our bacon butties and the like.

Great to see Pilots Charles K and Peter, and Stoker Colin, back in the saddle.

And finally, today’s quote of the day award goes to Barney. Speaking to Brittany in encouraging tones “Shut your gob or I’ll throw you into that muddy pool, pull you out backwards and feed you to those pigs.”

A sight for cycling eyes. Our two trailers, fully loaded with blue Orbits, on arrival at Penistone.
The dynamic duo. Keith and Steve coming back from the Wharncliffe end of the trail.
The two B’s. Barney and Brittany. The photo was taken in pre-quote times.
David J with Jules taking a breather before heading back to Penistone.
Looking ready to rob a bank, a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. A masked James supported by fellow felon, Aisha.
From left to right. Chris V, Damian, Joanne and Peter.
Back at Julie’s. Several Trekkers being reminded that small isn’t a word in Julie’s vocabulary.

Spen Valley Greenway – 01 May 21

It was a cold and windy start this morning but once the pedals started turning we all soon warmed up. 10 Tandems and our super soloist, David conquered the Greenway in true Trekkers style. Some Trekkers even made a little friend, we called him Robin! And… thank you to our dog sitters, Ann and Robert who will certainly get a good nights sleep after chasing 3 dogs all morning.

Six abreast. Why keep to riding in pairs when the road’s wide enough for more? Brittany is missing her pilot.
An unbelievable picture. A smiling Keith.
Double Trouble. Dave T and Martin.
Beauty and The Beast. Jules and John T.
Sorry Jennifer. It’s not quite “Wine o’clock”. You’ll have to make do with water a little while longer.
Robin !