Spen Valley Greenway – 10 Oct 20

It’s been a very long and very frustrating seven months. But finally, all the hard work Brittany has put into preparing our Covid-19 Risk Assessment and Policy, bore fruit today. Five tandems in two spaced apart bubbles ventured up our local Greenway – and, boy, was it so good to get back in the saddle. And not only was it brilliant to feel the wind in our faces again, the extra precautions put in place and approved by Kirklees Council, Sports England and British Cycling proved to be more than manageable.

Tandem Trekkers are back!

Diarmuid using a thermometer to check if Jennifer has a brain. The search continues….
Keith and Jade. One of the benefits of our new policy is Keith is banned from singing.
Jennifer and Diarmuid power through Lower Hopton.
Masked and Distanced at storage.
Paul disinfecting the bikes post ride
Cohort from Bubble 2