Spen Valley Greenway – 16 Nov 19

Never before has the old railway viaduct, over the River Colne, been graced with so many tandems.

Trekkers penultimate outing of the 2019 season must surely rank as one of the most memorable. A “code-share” ride with Open Country, 17 tandems plus 3 solos ventured up the Spen Valley Greenway. Despite one bike having to make a premature return to base, and another tandem taxing our puncture repair capabilities, it was a superb ride. Even the unforeseen drizzle failed to dampen everyone’s enthusiasm. And, once again, Cafe 53 in Mirfield excelled. Fantastic food and great service. Well done all.

Cafe 53 – Scene 1
Cafe 53 – Scene 2
Cafe 53 – Scene 3
Cafe 53 – Scene 4
Cafe 53 – Scene 5

Penistone – 13 Nov 19

After two rain-enforced ride cancellations, it was refreshing to be back in the saddle, cycling along one of our favourite routes from Penistone up to the Woodhead Tunnel at Dunford Bridge. Despite a chilly nip in the air, a complement of 20 Trekkers enjoyed working up an appetite, ready to be more than satisfied at Julie’s cafe on the return. Congratulations to Leanne on completing her first non-track outing. Hope you’re not feeling too sore!

Jennifer and Leanne en-route to Dunford Bridge.
David T and Steve D majestically posing
Elisa looks on at Dez, Ahmed and Danny doing a superb impersonation of the Three Monkeys.
Joanne and Simon about to embark on the return leg.
Hilary and Stephen enjoying the day.
Julie’s Cafe – Scene 01
Julie’s Cafe – Scene 02
Julie’s Cafe – Scene 03