Penistone – 21 Sep 19

At this rate, there won’t be many more records for Trekkers to smash. Fourteen tandems, on this morning’s sunny and warm run up to Dunford Bridge, is the largest turnout for a Saturday ride in our history. And, what’s more, we ended up having to stand down five stokers due to a shortage of pilots.

That said, it was amazing at the number of front riders who stepped up to the plate. Thanks all – you really did save the day.

Lovely to see Hilary on her maiden Penistone trip – and first non-track ride in a long time. And also, a very special welcome to returning pilots, Josh and Claire, as well as stoker Karen. You all rode superbly- and we really hope to see you riding with us again very soon.

Finally, two mega-acknowledgements.

Firstly to Brittany who made today happen and then offered up her place. Coordinating such a large group, matching pilots to stokers, working out who would be meeting where – not too mention her relentless pursuit of pilots so that we could accommodate as many VI’s as possible, literally takes hours and hours of behind the scenes efforts.

And secondly to Damian. Though he lives at the far side of Leeds, he offered to drive over to storage, simply to tow our large trailer to Penistone and back as well as pilot for us.

Thanks both. It’s people like you that make Trekkers the superb group it is.

A smiling Keith and a puzzled Colin on their return to Penistone
A colourful yellow and green clad Stephen B and Chris V in a harmonising blue near Dunford Bridge.
Jules and Mark on our orange Dawes Edge. A recent and popular addition to our fleet.
Mark R, John A and Jean soaking up the sun.
David J astride a medium Orbit and Martin about to embark.
Returning Pilot Claire with Aisha
Meanwhile, back at Julie’s café …..
Keith flexing his muscles stands next to Claire back at Penistone.
… and another café shot, this time featuring Jean, John A and Haj. Always nice when people smile …
Salesman Stephen B doing a brisk trade selling jars of home produced honey.

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