Leeds Road Track – 27 Jul 19

Drizzle failed to dampen spirits at this morning’s tootle around the track. A special welcome to John, a new pilot introduced by Tariq. Great to have you with us – hope to see you again real soon.

Congratulations to Barney and Jules who narrowly beat Andrew and Aisha in our slow race and to David G and Elisa who were judged to have kept the straightest line in a separate challenge.

And finally, a special thank you to Barney who brought two toys for us to play with. His now famous (or infamous) double decker and his recumbent trike – allowing VI’s to cycle solo under close verbal guidance.

A thoroughly good time was had by all. Enjoy the pictures and video clip.

Barney and Jennifer travelling at speed on the infamous lean-green double decker machine
Charles and Jean about to set off
Reminiscent of the “Three Monkeys” Andrew, Martin and David laughing away whilst sheltering under a brolly
Click on the image to watch Barney and Jules rolling away on the double-decker

Fairburn – 20 Jul 19

Granted. The gradients on the Fairburn Loop aren’t quite those of today’s Tour de France tortuous Col du Tourmalet ascent; the most challenging climbs being over a couple of canal bridges. And nine tandems (plus Elaine on a solo) mightn’t be considered a Peloton. But who needs to travel to the Pyrenees to experience the joys of cycling. A very enjoyable ride with a lovely mix of veteran Trekkers and newcomers to our family.

A smiling Steve C and Steve D giving a hearty thumbs up ….
Who needs a motor ? Chris V pedalling hard and Andy, feet off the pedals and in the air, enjoying the ride.
Danny and Mostafa powering away on our Silver Dawes workhorse.
David and Dean tandeming in sync and in style.
Jean waving to the camera with David G in control
Barney and Jules starting their take-off roll ….
Andrew and Carlie laughing as they ride ….
Simon and Aisha riding like true professionals.
Meanwhile, back at the café …..
…..post-ride brews and food ….

Penistone – 13 July 19

Six tandems and three solos enjoyed a great ride up the Trans Pennine Trail to Dunford Bridge this morning. Enjoy the captioned pictures:

Danny on his first non-track session powering up to Dunford Bridge with Tariq in close tow.

Haj and Beverley smiling. Yes I always carry tissues as well!

A pensive David looks on as Danny, with arms outstretched, explains how big the one that got away was. Andrew looks on in absolute disbelief.

Well whatever it was to smile about, it wasn’t the midges. They were out in force at Dunford Bridge.

Stephen and Colin in thoughtful discussion. Guys- next time, first pair back to Julie’s Cafe buys the brews!

No Trekker’s ride is complete without a cafe stop. Post ride debrief in full flow.

Leeds Road Track – 6 July 19

With pilots outnumbering stokers this morning, there wasn’t much waiting around for any VI wanting a ride. It’s always nice to welcome new faces and today we were joined by two new pilots, Kellie and Danny, and stokers Josh and Lynn.

Keith ran an excellent session; normal riding punctuated with a slow race and a taxing slalom. Congratulations to Andrew and Jean who smashed the slow race, with a winning time of 30.35 seconds – over 8 clear seconds slower than Stephen and Mostafa who claimed second place, just ahead of Peter and Elisa. Impressive performances all round.

Indeed watching the skills of some of our newer members, Paul said he was thinking of retiring from tandem riding altogether!

But without doubt, today’s leading accolade must go to Christine. Not satisfied with completing a full lap at our last track session, today, again piloted by Keith, she doubled her previous milestone and completed two laps. Talk about a spirit of courage and determination!!

Christine being helped onto one of our Emmerdale Tandems

Keith and Christine completing their second lap.

Winners of our slow race, Andrew and Jean, enjoying a breather.

Neil and Lynn with a bicycle made for two.