Leeds Road Track – 20 April 19

Trekkers made the most of this morning’s wonderful weather, honing their cycling skills. Tightest turn, slow race and slalom competitions, overlooked by Keith and Jamal, punctuated some very relaxing riding.

Great to see Pilot Neil back with us and a very special “Well Done!” to Christine whose determination shone through on her second tandem ride.

Picture shows Drew piloting Hajra
Drew and a smiling Hajra making the most of the wonderful weather
Mark, Christine and David. Christine’s just successfully completed her second tandem trek. Well done!
Today’s 13 Pilots and Stokers donning Health Bloom T-shirts and holding customised mugs, posing for a publicity picture.

Spen Valley Greenway – 13 April 19

All 8 bikes lined up
Not sure what everyone is smiling about. I think it might have been something to do with the whiteness of Tariq’s teeth – or was it that Keith had just promised not to sing on the way home?
Barney, Dean, Jean Charles K, Drew, Ahmed and Charles W queuing patiently for their brews and flapjack
Drew proudly holding up his Coffee Counter Loyalty Card. He’s ridden the Greenway so many times he’s worn a groove in the surface
Tariq, Elisa, Keith, Chris Muz and Stephen enjoying mid-ride refreshments.
Well done to everyone on our 8 bike trek up the Greenway today. And special appreciation to Stephen and Charles W. on Tandem Trekking one of our favourite rides for the first time. You were ace.

A pilot mix up over numbers could so easily have dented today’s ride, until Martin so gallantly offered to step down as a stoker so that 17 Trekkers could complete the 17 mile round trip up our local greenway. Thanks Martin. We love you !!

Leeds Road Track – 06 April 19

Trekkers smashed three records today.

Firstly we witnessed the biggest turnout to any session in our five year history. 34 Pilots and Stokers (not forgetting, of course, Guide Dog, Honey). Amazing.

Secondly, of the 34 riders, I counted 19 Pilots. Yes folks, that’s right. 19 sighted front riders. Awesome.

And the third record we broke was the largest attendance of brand new volunteers and first time stokers; one of whom had never ever ridden a bike! (No guesses as to whether this was a pilot or stoker!!) So a very special welcome to James B., David T, Mark G., Zubayr B., Daniel O., Jade B, Christine T., Neil B, Michelle T., Stephen B., and Marina P. It was fantastic to see your enthusiasm and watch you all getting stuck in.

We hope you really enjoyed your morning with us and we sincerely hope to see you again real soon.

And finally. If you were a first time volunteer pilot and you are keen to ride with us again, we still have 5 places for sighted pilots on our residential weekend away in September. You can read all about it here.


Elisa on one of Barney’s recumbents. Way to go Elisa..👍👍👍👍