Spen Valley Greenway – 17 November 18

Drew’s triplet, piloted by Drew and capably powered by Carlie and Aisha, attracted several comments on our Greenway trek, earlier today. “I’ve never seen one of those” observed one passer-by.  At least, I think they were referring to the bike. Martin managed to make up for the absence of mechanicals, by successfully leaving his rucksack at the café.

Pictures show the six tandems and triplet on the iconic viaduct, and Trekkers tucking into their fare at the Milestone café.

And finally, our 2019 ride calendar is now available on our website. See above. An accessible version can be downloaded here.

Longdendale Trail – 10 November 18

This Saturday’s six tandem safari up the Longendale Trail encountered its own mini-jungle; a freshly felled tree necessitated a detour through the undergrowth. Barney was all set to go back to his car to return with his axe but wisdom, thankfully, prevailed. Otherwise, a great ride all topped off with a well-deserved coffee and cake in Hadfield.