Spen Valley Greenway – 10 Mar 18

Fingers crossed the first ride of the season should take place this Saturday 10th March. It is a trip down the Spen Valley Greenway. This contains on road sections and is around 15 miles. The last time out in the late autumn we were caught out by a headwind on the way back which made sure everyone felt thaat they had got their exercise for the day.

Please let Pete Hardy [pete@bikeworks.co.in] know if you are up for this ride and as he is taking over the reins of organising the rides – you’ll need to remind him if you are a pilot or a stoker. The earlier he knows numbers the more chance he will have to make sure everyone is paired up.


Six tandems, undeterred by the initial drizzle, made a very enjoyable start to the 2018 season. Thanks Barney, for showing how limit screws on the rear derailleur can be used to lock out buckled rings on the cassette.

One thought on “Spen Valley Greenway – 10 Mar 18”

  1. Indeed Barney you are an absolute genius. If it wasn’t for your expertise Diarmuid would have had a very long walk home to storage.

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